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Originally Posted by j2simpso View Post
It should be but that's not what the laws are right now! It should always be assumed that the airline will have safe aircraft to transport you from point A t point B. Shame on the airline for cutting corners on safety only to find out at time of departure. Unless and until Transport Canada legislates safety into the airlines by forcing them to crew their cockpits with more than 2 pilots to Western Europe and forcing monetary payouts for safety delays, I will avoid flying Canadian airlines whenever possible.

If they were cutting corners on safety they would just fly without checking or knowing that something was wrong and put the crew and passengers at risk. Things break! No airline can have spare aircraft, nor spare parts of every kind at every airport to immediately resolve every maintenance issue. To do so would simply price fares out-of-reach. Be careful what you wish for.

The issue with the new regulations is not actually safety but that there is an "out" by classifying maintenance issues that cause a flight delay or cancellation as for "safety" reasons and thus avoiding the requirement to pay compensation (at least speculatively). In some ways, this is worse than the old regime on compensation.

I have no idea what the additional pilot rant is on about.
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