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Originally Posted by ajGoes View Post
It was by remembering flu shots that I ended up getting this Shingrix shot! My wife suggested she, my son, and I should get our flu shots. We went to the pharmacy where I had finally tracked down the Shingrix vaccine in August. I was rolling up my sleeve for a flu shot when the pharmacist, looking up my records, told me I was ready for the follow-up Shingrix jab.

I'm still suffering. My reading at cdc.gov tells me no fewer than one in six people have reactions severe enough to limit activities for two days. And, I'm still due for my flu shot!
This was your "follow-up" Shingrix shot? How long ago did you have the first?

I had a lot of trouble finding it available. And when I did, it was reserved for those who had already had the first, and thus had a bit of a "window" for the second.
Once, the local CVS had some, and said they'd hold one for me. By the time I got there the next day, all of their supply had been given to others. Maybe there is better availability now?

On another forum, a high proportion of those who got Shingrix had varying discomfort, enough to interfere with activities and to feel miserable.

Hope you feel better soon.

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