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Originally Posted by GeezerCouple View Post
I had been trying on and off a lot to find some "in stock", and I sort of forgot about it, even though we remembered the flu shots.
It was by remembering flu shots that I ended up getting this Shingrix shot! My wife suggested she, my son, and I should get our flu shots. We went to the pharmacy where I had finally tracked down the Shingrix vaccine in August. I was rolling up my sleeve for a flu shot when the pharmacist, looking up my records, told me I was ready for the follow-up Shingrix jab.

I'm still suffering. My reading at cdc.gov tells me no fewer than one in six people have reactions severe enough to limit activities for two days. And, I'm still due for my flu shot!

It seems the Shingrix allocation system is quite haphazard. I was on a waiting list at our nearest Kroger for nine months and still had months to go. A pharmacist there told me another nearby store had plenty, and that small, independent pharmacies often had more than enough. I went to the independent that my wife and son use. I don't get my regular scripts there because they aren't on my insurance network.

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