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Originally Posted by tuphat View Post
Interested in best practices commentary from MS friends on subject of traveling while "in possession" of large quantity of purchased GCs.

For sake of discussion, let's say $50-75k face value and you're traveling by air and rental car. Let's also say that, as of right now, all cards are in original packaging, with receipts and that no default PIN setting have been changed.

P.S. Although civil forfeiture is an obvious risk (and despicable practice), respectfully suggest minimizing extended rants on that subject per se.
Ditch the packaging unless there's a reason to hold onto it - just creates clutter and takes up space. If you're truly concerned about them being taken by law enforcement or anyone else, take pics of the cards with cvv written on front of them (to report lost or liquidate online).

I've gone through airport security with 50k+ - hit or miss as to whether it sets off the scanners. Break into smaller bundles and multiple bags if you don't want to have to explain what seems to be a crazy "hobby".
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