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So apart from the non-premier service this looks like it *could* be quite interesting from a points and point of view. Basically you get nearly 500 for switching (half in Avios, half in real currency).

The numbers -- I pay my >75k salary in and set up two direct debits (to utility companies, for example) under the "Blue rewards", I get 25.000 avios and 252 (3.50 for each DD times; 7, tripled for 12 months). That costs me 48 in fees - net gain approx 250 in avios plus 200 in real cash.

In month 13, I'll switch my current account to another bank and maybe earn another 100-150 in incentives to do that - such is the chase for new retail customers in finance. It almost seems too good to be true.

I won't actually do it because my current bank's app is SO much better than Barclays' app (Mrs ST has that) that even a 40 per month net benefit to me isn't worth the hassle.

PS I am already being tracked by the offer as ads are appearing for Barclays
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