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Originally Posted by Bohinjska Bistrica View Post
Can it wait until you get to Nice? You should be able to find an ATM in arrivals that will give a better rate of exchange.
I think that an ATM at NCE should simply send the charge to your bank in EUR, so that you're only paying a rate that's close to the interbank rate for the exchange, plus your bank's forex and cash withdrawal fees (if any). An ATM at LHR will almost certainly involve the application of some opaque exchange rate of the ATM operator's choosing, and it's very likely to be a poorer result.

If the OP really wants to have the security of having just a few because of the late arrival and the possible risk that there won't be a working ATM at NCE, I wonder whether there might be a case for exchanging a small amount of cash at LHR rather than using an ATM. Particularly if the OP's bank would apply a per-transaction fee that makes a small withdrawal of EUR from an ATM poor value.
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