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As noted, this happens in every Olympic city. Shortly after a city is announced as the host city, the local "Organizing Committee" (in this instance the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympics Games or TOCOG) sends requests out to all hotels asking whether they want to allocate rooms to official Olympics organizations (IOC, IOC sponsors, NOCs, sport Federations). Most hotels put 100% of their rooms on this list. Those rooms then are untouchable by the general public until the hotel allocation process is complete (ie each official Olympics organization reviews and selects which hotel they want and submit their room needs through TOCOG).

Originally, this process was scheduled to have been completed by March 2019, however the hotel I have a room block in said they are still awaiting confirmation on final TOCOG requests and will know in November if they have available rooms (unfortunately, they did not provide a specific date in November), so there should be rooms coming back onto the open market soon.

Another consideration, though, are Consolidators. These are companies that buy up Olympics "assets" (hotel rooms, event tickets, etc.) and sell bundled packages at greatly inflated prices to companies looking for one-stop-shopping hospitality packages. They will be waiting in the wings (if not already having an agreement putting them at the front of the line) for hotel rooms if they become available.

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