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Originally Posted by cmtlatitudes View Post
What exactly are they auditing / reason for the audit/ compliance concern? Is it carry-on contents compliance, carry-on bag size, or number of carry-ons? There's not much (any?) detail in the Link.
You are correct there's not detail about what they are not properly enforcing, but I'd wager large sums of $ that its size not number of bags.

Its pretty simple for a GA recognize that a passenger has >2 bags and AA isn't in the "contents" business (except I suppose Li Ion batteries) as thats TSAs job.

Where as we all know, have seen, and read threads a'plenty on FT about being caught with oversized carryons where posters are upset about enforcement, so that's my bet. I don't think I've had a flight in recent memory (on any US airline to be fair) where I didn't personally witness someone going down the aisle with a bag that was clearly oversized - sometimes its just ridiculous other times the "bag" might meet the dimensions but how its stuffed and expanded it does not, conversely I don't recall seeing someone board with >2 bags that wasn't stopped.
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