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If I recall correctly, upgrade spend on both United and Delta do count towards your qualifying Q$ spend. I think you also get a class-if-service bump in your earn rate with both, so you earn Q miles (I think) as though you’d purchased J.

And unlike WSD, points in both United’s and Delta’s program can be used for upgrades.

WestJet is fairly unique in how restricted the use of their “points” are in that respect — but they’d (rightfully) counter that the fact that they can be used to buy any flight makes them far more flexible and valuable than most other programs. I’d agree with that. (I’d far rather forgo “points for upgrades” if I can instead continue to use my WS points towards any flight of my choice. Both options, though, would be even nicer!)

The grass might look greener for upgrade redemption, but it’s not for flight redemption.
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