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Originally Posted by NoY View Post
Its blocked at 1 hour 25 mins & if you knew anything about inra-gulf flights you'll know they can be horrendously expensive in premium cabins. This flight is a bargain at about GBP300 & thats a fact.

Nearest comparison in Business I could see (after a quick Google search ) was more than GBP800 on Gulf Air.
So it is a good fare, but is it a good deal? This is, after all, a Premium Cabin Mileage Run discussion thread. Where would you credit this?

I would credit to AS. The flight is 303 miles, 606 return. CX earns on actual miles flown, no 500 mile minimum. Earnings would be 100% of miles flown + a 25% class of service bonus for AS EQM.

606 125% = 757.5 miles, round to 758 RDM
$360 100 / 758 = 47.5 cents per EQM. ROFLMAO

For RDM you earn 100% + 25% COS + 100% Additional Bonus = 225% As an MVPG75K, I would earn an additional 125% Elite bonus. Total RMD for me would be 225% + 125% = 350%

606 350% = 2121 RDM.
$360 100 / 2121 = 16.97 cents per RDM. ROFLMAO
You can purchase AS RDM for 1.97 cents per RDM.

I am not sure a PDB and a 20 minute nap on a lie-flat is worth it, but to each their own. Yes, it may be a good fare but it is by no means a good deal for the thread subject matter.

To retain MVPG75K, I would need to fly this return itinerary 45 times. At $360 a pop, that is $16,200. hahaha, I am still laughing. You are hilarious. I appreciate the chuckles.

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