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Well maybe I am missing something, but it sounds like you could basically do #5 just by picking up the phone and ordering room service. I doubt that would cost you $295pp++.
I know. It's pathetic, isn't it. And the options are so vague. I mean, what's the difference between PRIVATE SANDBANK LUNCH/DINNER, APHRODISIAC ROMANCE and the SANDBANK SUNSET DINNER? The first and second are the same price and the other is, just, well.....an even more ridiculous ripoff.....but all held at the same location. One could assume, from the limited description, that they'd turn the table round to face the sunset with the sunset dinner and charge you an extra $600++ for the view.....

The descriptions are so vague that most of the time there's no way to know exactly what you're getting so you'd have to ask again for more details and menus. That's a good way to lose sales. Amateur hour. In fact so amateurish it looks as if it's the winner for a Best: Advertise the Same Product & Service as Many Ways as You Possibly Can (While Slapping on Arbitrary Pricetags) competition.

And regarding the prices, It's gotta be the same guy greedy pr*ck setting these laughable prices who's also responsible for the prices for the transfer, 'dinner on a pole', shisha, noodles, breakfast egg, etc etc etc. I think he truly believes in the saying "a fool and his money are soon parted" and that guests at this property will somehow be turned into fools, read "Wow, they're really expensive so they must be really good! Oink! Oink!" - and fools with bottomless pockets. Oh well, at least the chefs assigned to these 'events' can twiddle their thumbs and play with their mobiles while waiting for bookings for these 'private and secluded' dinners. Anyway, more fodder for the Price-Gouging section of the wiki.

@james0499 I'd love for you to email them and ask for a map of the resort with the areas mentioned circled in red and numbers indicating which lunches / dinners are where. AFAIK they only have one sandbank and it's far from private and secluded
located on our private sandbank.....on the private sandbank.....a beautifully secluded sandbank
Do they mean this "private and beautifully secluded" sandbank?

I don't know about you guys but that looks pretty damn unprivate and unsecluded to me. It's visible to half the villas on the property!

And where the hell is this 'private beach'?? I suppose they think they're gonna put those fools and their money here

because that's the only truly private beach they have.....well, private from the guests (not the staff) that is.
I have a hunch that they will hold it on the private island if unoccupied and, if occupied with multiple guests / groups, will hold it there anyway and not tell the guests staying there that the folks having the dinners there are not staying on the private island themselves.....it will just look like they are. After all, no-one's going to ask, are they?

Originally Posted by aspenedelen View Post
My plan is to see how little I can spend in Cash at this place. I feel as long as I can eat a insane breakfast that'll hold me over until dinner then I'll gorge myself on half price drinks us free snacks which should hold me over until the following morning 🤔.. I like this idea
Careful! They'll ban you if you spend so little on purpose.

Originally Posted by lizakramer View Post
Just received this from the WA resort in response to an inquiry I sent them regarding the Reef Villas. This resort map shows not just the villa numbers, but also the type of villa (Grand vs Regular, 2BR, 3BR, etc...) for each category. Also, I noticed that they "fixed" the location of the Sunset and Sunrise locations from earlier versions of the map.
Nice one. Adding to the wiki.....

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