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Originally Posted by viking123 View Post
Arghhh.... All my accounts have now been locked and suspended;

It seems that my issue was not only sent to tech support but also to compliance, They reviewed my accounts and saw multiple loads from different debit cards* and that seems to be in violation of the Serve Member Agreement.
Not sure if it would help to write to Incomm (who acquired the AmExp prepaid card business).
I agree that it would be an interesting DP if you called them. (and please let us know the outcome )

Unfortunately, from other DPs elsewhere, it is unlikely that they will change their mine, but it never hurts to try.

Your story is another example of why it is best not to contact a CC company or bank when faced with functional issues with your account. It only takes one set of Rat's eyes to upset the apple cart and get an account(s) shut down (especially when the account is doing MSing activities )
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