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Originally Posted by viking123 View Post
After a loot of calls with Serve and finally talking to FLOS, they admitted that there was a problem on their server that affected all Serve customers. No one could add a debit card.....Fixed late last night Friday 10/4/19
Arghhh.... All my accounts have now been locked and suspended; Serve Member Agreement, section 15d. The accounts cannot be reopened. They will send me 4 checks.

I wish that I hadn't called about the problem of adding debit cards. In particular, since it later turned out that the problem was on their server and affected all customers.

It seems that my issue was not only sent to tech support but also to compliance, They reviewed my accounts and saw multiple loads from different debit cards* and that seems to be in violation of the Serve Member Agreement. I had actually talked to AmExp Exec Office about this several years ago, and was then told that such activity was not in violation of the Serve Member Agreement....

Not sure if it would help to write to Incomm (who acquired the AmExp prepaid card business).

*) Needed to meet spend requirements
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