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Originally Posted by radonc1 View Post
I just wonder if having multiple accounts is one of the reasons that gets people shut down?

In order to parse out this point, we need people who were shut down in any of the great wash out events to respond as to what their spend and use of cards was when they were shut down. Specifically, we need folks who had multiple accounts in either the same name, ss#, email address, or similar ID information to chime in and let us know if they were simply using the account(s) appropriately (i.e. no MS and minimal GC deposits) and were shut down anyway.

This would be quite informative for all.

As for me, nope. I was using only one card and flowing a lot of money (via GCs) through it. Got beheaded in the first great event several years ago. Now I have a single new account that basically is activated but almost dormant (a few dollars a month in spend, haven't loaded it in 4 months).
I think many MSers overthink the reasons for BB/Serve shutdowns. DPs aren't needed. Anyone who's done this for awhile knows when there's a shutdown wave, nearly all MSers get shut down. Period. Doesn't matter if you go heavy or light. If you do this ... or that. Loading as we do and unloading as we do is not how "a regular" consumer uses these products. What we're doing is easy to detect.
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