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Running low on aircraft ?

Just took a trip to Europe from Hong Kong on Turkish Airlines. When I stopped over in Istanbul en route back, I couldn't help to notice that a number of flights (I remember Beijing) was delayed 4 hours to a 5am departure. Then when I flew back on TK70 to HKG yesterday, my flight was one of three flights that got delayed 4 hours. (It was eventually delayed for 5 hours as we ended up using the aircraft of TK71 coming back from Hong Kong). The other two flights that got delayed were Guangzhou (where they had to wait for the Narita flight to arrive) and the flight to Cape Town (where they had to wait for the flight from Bangkok to arrive). Guangzhou and Hong Kong were 777 while Cape Town was a 333. Is TK having aircraft rotation issues ?

It was a pain waiting it out at the airport. Inflight services were fine, but they did not apologize nor give any reasons for the delay.
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