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Originally Posted by Will Stonehocker View Post
Given that Wyndham has more budget brands than mid-level, high-end, or luxurious brands, why y'all hating on the company? The only reason why the budget brands exist is if y'all are cheapskates or all the nicer as fudge places are booked up the rear end.
Originally Posted by Will Stonehocker View Post
If y'all read online reviews correctly, you should be okay.
The problem with WyndhamRewards is that more of their budget brand locations are sub-par than not, while there are tons of them.

So if you already figured out which WyndhamRewards hotels you like in an area then it's not so bad (I have settled on one Super 8 which added a yogurt dispenser a year or two ago, and now I bring my own box of granola, and I feel i have a decent breakfast, which I've had way more trouble finding at most WyndhamRewards properties than at, say, Choice Hotels properties, where Comfort Inn reliably has hardboiled eggs, and Quality Inn almost reliably has skim milk (and I bring my own box of cereal in that case). (I don't like the texture of 2% milk, only skim milk. And it's too time-consuming to go out to a restaurant to eat breakfast instead of getting it at the hotel, when I'm already late for work.)

But when faced with dozens and dozens of Days Inns, Super 8s, Ramadas, and Howard Johnsons in an area, and knowing that most are pretty poor, it takes a lot of careful reading of reviews to figure which, if any, of them might suit you.

So Wyndham caring more about having lots of properties than what the standards are for those properties is part of the problem. It creates a lot of "noise" to sort through, so to speak.

By contrast, many of the budget brands with Choice Privileges have more consistent brand standards, so that's why in general I prefer Choice over Wynhdam for budget brands. (I also prefer Best Western for budget brands over Wyndham, perhaps simply because there's way fewer of them in most areas so way fewer reviews to carefully check, and because at least the Best Western Plus brand seems reliable for budget quality.)
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