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I am happy that Wyndham exists; they offer decent point earning opportunities at inexpensive properties. I am a simple guy, and I don't mind a cheap property as long as it is reasonably clean and comfortable. That said, there is a huge range of quality and cleanliness within the Wyndham group. If one is not careful, they can end up in a really poor property at the budget end of things. I think that it is these poor experiences that give Wyndham a bad rap. If one is careful and looks at online reviews before booking, it is possible to get excellent value within this brand. I have stayed at Days/Super8/HOJO that were 80% as good as a Hampton/Comfort/Fairfield for less than half the price. The few times I have been disappointed have been when I didn't take the time to look at online reviews. I have had the same experience with lower-end choice properties. Ultimately, I have gravitated more towards the lower end choice properties due to the superior point earning potential there. But, it is not because there are not some great values within the Wyndham brand if one looks carefully.
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