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Hi Swiss flyer

I am on a flight from HKG-ZRH-LHR with 4 hour layover which I intend to try out multiple lounges and do some shopping. My plan is to visit lounge E first (I assume I land in E so I can go straight there?) which everyone have high praise, then go out to arrival lounge and do some shopping at Ladrech. Finally go to lounge A to wind down and catch up with some works before the flights.

Can I go to all 3 lounges?
Yes, you'll probably even spend some minutes in the D lounge (since flights to Non-Schengen european destinations usually depart from there) - assuming you hold a Nationality that allows (unlimited) entry into Schengen.
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Do I have enough time?

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I intend to take a shower and some breakfast should I go to lounge E or arrival?
I'd inquire about a shower in E, and if quoted with more than 30min queue time don't bother with it.
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I thinking of having a peek on the observation at dock E will I have enough time?
No, since the first shuttle bus doesn't depart before 11.15, and that's only on Sat/Sun anyway. Till 26th October, the observation deck at B gates (from where the shuttle to E goes anyway) opens at 9am, afterwards only at 10am. 9am might just cut it.

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What is the different between business and senator lounge?
Senator is for *G and *A First class pax (and their guests), business class is for Business class pax and FTL (M&M *S). Senator is a bit better (especially in E when you like Whisky)

In short: Visit E lounges, either shower there or shower at Arrivals lounge, do shopping, head for Observation deck, head through security, visit A lounges, head to D non Schengen area, visit lounge there, board your aircraft.
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