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For LUG to survive (and SIR to a certain extent) you'd need LX to accept it is running a public service which does not necessarily have to run a profit. Think flights for residents like in Sardinia or the Azores.

Now, since such a thing is absolutely insane given the new train connections, it is only time the airport focuses on general aviation if it can, or shuts its doors.

The limitations in aircrafts and expensive certification necessary to operate in LUG just make it extremely difficult to attract traffic.

I have written it here before: if LX offered a proper check-in desk at the train station where one could drop luggage off, get their BPs and jump on a direct train to ZRH, closing the airport wouldn't be a problem.

Hell, if saving jobs was so important, the city could help setting up such desk for any airline operating from ZRH or MXP, along with increased frequencies by train or road to the airports. But of course political posturing is more important.
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