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Hi, TProphet, I'm not sure why you think Emirates is a not-so-good product....and Aer Lingus is more than double the miles with the added fare to London as well....while I haven't done Emirates in Business, their F product is terrific and lives up to the gorgeous descriptions on their website so it's easy to think their business product will as well...crazy as it may seem, i don't actually mind the long way around and have now re-booked the return to get away from BA and ia DXB again. Let's put it this way.....the whole darn trip is a crazy idea and going to and from via Dubai is just that bit crazier......who's calling the little men in the white coats? ;-) The BA strikes are on a 14 day notice system....anytime upto 14 days before a flight, a strike could be announced. The pilots' union has said they will try to avoid the UK half term (tends to be the last half of October) so as not to ruin long held family holiday plans but that's about all they've said so far Yesterday they cancelled the strike for 27/9 and the hope, of course, is that this means BA and BALPA are coming closer to resolving this.....there are a number of folks over on the BA forum, however, who think this may be a long ordeal. My decision was that I wouldn't regret changing from BA J to Emirates J and from BA F to Emirates F (outbound and inbound) if the BA flights operate and I wouldn't have the stress of wondering up to 2 weeks before travel. Nope, haven't done much day trading in my life, either!

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