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Hi thanks for the welcome

I have the trip summary. My flight to Poland stated Premium economy and the remaining are all economy. Then just shows the checked bags included with the dates of the flights.

If United isn't responsible then who is? I mean I did pay United to book my flights, and if they booked it wrong with their partners then isn't it their issue?

This is such a mess :/
Re: irrops --

Your basic options are accept the rerouting and any incidental consequences, including monetary ones, or wait until they can replicate your original itinerary at another time / on another date.

Unfortunately, sometimes that means doing some very quick optimisation on your own to figure out what is best for you.

edit: Re: bags --

Try writing and say that due to how they fixed up your itinerary, you were charged extra bag fees, and you would like a credit to offset the charges.
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