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car damage and National hasn't sent me a report

Back in July I was renting a car and hit some metal in the road, and damaged the car. They took a report (well, I actually don't know what they did), and said someone would contact me. Fast forward 2 months, nobody did.
I called the location, they had nothing and told me to call another number, which I did, which wasn't answered (during business hours) and gave me an email. I emailed and got no response.

I only paid the deductible of $1,000. I have only liability on my own auto insurance so they didn't bother to take it down. My credit card was going to cover it.

2 questions:
1)should I keep pursuing this? I don't really have a formal damage report, just an invoice where they charged me the deductible.
2)is now a good time to ask my credit card insurance for the $1,000? Or should I wait because I don't know if they will charge more
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