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Basically echoing what others have said but to add a few tidbits:

1) Your AA Platinum status, along with OneWorld carrier boarding pass in economy through business, grants you access to Business Class lounges at LHR for Oneworld carriers. This includes Cathay Pacific business lounge, American business lounge, British Airways business lounge, etc.

2) But your boarding pass specifically from LHR limits you mostly to Terminal 5, where your flight leaves from. Some airports like most US airports allow you to move freely airside between terminals, time allowing, and then go back to your departing terminal. Heathrow does not. Heathrow is also 5 miles wide and so even if you did have that option (more below), you wouldn’t want to. Going from one terminal to another at Heathrow is a s41t show, and I don’t know anyone who would elect to experience this wonderful event even if they could. Airside transport between terminals is also via crowded bus, likely standing, for 20 minutes, not the train, like landside transfer is.

Terminal 5 only has the British Airways lounges and some Priority Pass lounges, so you would get access to the British Airways Business Lounge. Galleries South seems to be the “main” / preferred lounge and the Biz lounge is at the top floor. Biz and first lounges in South access the same showers and there is often a wait where they give you a buzzer, so check there first if you plan to shower, before you go all the way upstairs to check in at the Biz lounge. Showers are on 2, in front of Concorde entrance

3) if you had some extreme need to go to another terminal from where you do NOT depart, you can get an escort such as a personal shopper escort, but it would have to be for a good reason, and they require minimum 3 hours connection time, and minimum 5 days advance booking of the escort. They would escort you all the way into the other terminal and then all the way back in time for your departing flight. I too have done this before, but I cannot imagine anyone needing to access T3 from T5, although the other way around happens a lot, as T5 has more shopping.
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