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Hi all, newbie here. got a quick question regarding worthiness of doing a mileage run from YVR to PTY, via SFO and IDA. total flown mileage is 8400 mi round trip, for $749 CAD, all business class.

I am currently E35k with Aeroplan, will hit 71k before end of year based on my travel plans.

I did a quick calculations to see if this flight is worthwhile, as below, hoping y'all would give me some pointers.

$800 / (8400miles x 150%) * 100 = 6.3 CPM (all flight legs are either AC or a combination of AC and UA)

is my methodology above making sense?
Define, "make sense," in terms of strictly a milage run standpoint, no it doesn't make sense. Good MRs are usually 2-3 CPM in Y. Case in point I flew YYZ > SIN for $800 CAD last year on UA in Y which netted me 21,000 miles (3.8 CPM). Granted I was in a plump E+ seat for the many hours I was flying UA but I didn't mind. Sometimes I will opt for an upgrade particularly if the price is right such as the $500 I spent 2 years ago upgrading ORD > HNL for BusinessFirst on UA (feat a lie flat seat).

Originally Posted by sensei271 View Post
this idea of spending $800, just to upgrade to E75k is little mind boggling. trying to do the math here.

You have to weigh the costs and benefits. I've run the numbers on my chasing United Gold (50,000 miles) every year and figured it worked out as I was getting about $2,000 in benefits for about $3,000 in revenue spend. Next year I'll be gunning for 1K to earn valuable upgrade certificates I can use for my inter-inter continental flights (read Australia to Europe via North America) as I'm getting sick and tired of flying Y even on medium haul domestic flights like LHR > YYZ. To each their own I suppose.

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