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Tried to check every post in this thread but didn't find anything about my issue...

Isn't anyone having trouble editing wikis?
Whenever I open an existing wikipage, every line is being displayed center-aligned in the wiki editor.
Also it is almost impossible to edit,
when additional formatting has been applied to the text.
If you try to select the text and make it left-alligned, the editor throws in scores of unprovoked [lefts][/lefts] on almost every line. (without the plural s)

Next, when you try to make a single bullet list like this:
  • line 1
  • line 2
the editor saves it this way:
  • line 1
    • line 2

Also, every time when you save the wikipage it looks like another two unrequested new lines are inserted after a


or after a bulleted list.

Using Windows 10, Chrome, Edge.

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