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Originally Posted by SCEflyer View Post
This will probably seem harsh, but if you try this and get nailed, I would hope that you and the friend would be permanently banished from the Bonvoy program. I am an LT Titanium and strongly object when people try to game the system, as appears to be the case here.
Thatís what basically everyone in this thread below (and others) is doing, gaming the system to get their friends and family benefits while they pick up the points. Either Marriott has a strict policy and doesnít allow anyone other than primary to get benefits or use award booking or we have this situation where benefits are effectively diluted because 20 extra elites are checking in except they arenít really there. It makes no difference if itís your daughter, spouse or some guy at work. Marriott has a method of gifting points so the cert gets issued in someone elseís name but no one seems to do that because staff arenít trained, it canít be booked online and the recepient doesnít gets any elite benefits and you donít get the elite nights.

How to properly put award redemption stay in family member's name (I'm not staying)
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