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Originally Posted by safari_7 View Post
Is it really 6.5 hours to Addis from Bangalore? It's about 4:30 from Mumbai ........ I agree, i hope they use one of their modern aircrafts, though.....

Flew the 350 from Mumbai recently - very good in J. Even better than EK in J where they have an unacceptable 2-3-2 configuration on their 777s.........

I would think there is quite a bit of traffic to other parts of Africa and ET is a good alternate to the ME3 to get to Southern Africa. Let's bear in mind, there isn't a direct flight from India to South Africa at the moment.
Huh maybe ET just adds lots of buffer time?

I get that there's significant demand from India to much of Africa, but didn't know BLR had a lot. I think the BOM area has a significant diaspora in East Africa and DEL is a much larger market, so ET serves those well. I've always viewed BLR as primarily having demand for travel to North America (and SFO in particular for tech), which can explain (including routes starting soon) the up to 4 daily EK 777s, LH 748 and 359, BA 35K, KL 781, 2 SQ 359s, JL 788, etc.

Or, looking at connections to GRU, maybe ET is just hoping for a little bit of everything (some O&D, some traffic to East Africa, some to South Africa, some to other parts, some to South America, etc.)

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