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Originally Posted by soupxxxx View Post
Thanks to Alex for organizing and to Alex and Flor for co-hosting! Thanks to Cyborg for sharing a wonderful bottle of wine at his last supper. Thanks to (I don't remember who) for sharing a bottle of South African liquor. Thanks to Monica and Willow for sharing their ride to EZE. Thanks to Zorak for suggesting the concert at Theatro Colon on Sunday. Thanks to all for a memorable Cow Do!

Note to Alex: My 6 bottles of wine arrived home with me safely and no tax.
I still have a bottle of the 2015 Noemia we enjoyed at the "Last Supper" along with a 2006 so if anyone wants a refill in the Northern Virginia area, just let me know :-)

Alex and Flor, many thanks for another great weekend plus of amazing food, wine and BA culture!

Looking forward to the next opportunity to visit.


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