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Originally Posted by andrewesque View Post
Is "this week" this Friday, 13 September? If so, be aware there's a major RATP strike (English, French news) which, among many other things, will severely limit service on the RER B, which is the line that goes to and from the airport: 20% of normal train service in rush hours (6:30-9:30 and 17:00-20:00), a forced transfer at Gare du Nord, no service outside of rush hours. Given that there is also going to be severe disruption on the metro and that taxis and alternative transport are presumably going to be mobbed, I'd avoid going into Paris if your layover is Friday.

However, if you're not going in that day, then a 10-hour layover is a perfectly reasonable amount of time. Presumably -- hopefully! --you won't have a lot of luggage on you, so you won't have to take a taxi, which is 5x as expensive if you're traveling solo, since it's €10.30 on the RER vs. €50-55 for a taxi, each way. (In fact, I believe the €17.80 Mobilis zone 1-5 day pass is now valid for the RER to/from the airport, which didn't use to be the case; if that's so you could get a Mobilis day pass which would also grant you unlimited RATP travel).

Once you get to the CDG rail station it's an easy trip to the Guerlain flagship store at 68 ave des Champs-Elysées -- take the RER B into Paris and transfer at Châtelet-Les Halles for either line 1 to Franklin D. Roosevelt or RER A to Charles de Gaulle-Etoile. If you don't mind walking I'd probably take the RER A as the second leg as the cars are larger.
Thank you so much, Andrewesque! I’m arriving Saturday morning, 10:40Am. Do you think I should go into town the day after the strike (I Should’ve known, I just saw something on tv here in the DL SkyClub!). I think my luggage will be tagged all the way to LIS, so it will be lounging around somewhere in CDG, so I’ll just have a backpack with me. Thanks for the directions! I’ll try the RER. It will bring back memories. Haven’t seen the City of Lights since 2001
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