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If the strike on the 27th does go ahead (or at least if BA prepares for it) then you will have the choice of flights to be rebooked onto - It dosen't have to be the closest flight time to your existing booking - and assuming the same arrangements for rebooking apply for the 27th as for this week this could include other airlines and not just AA.

if you want to prepare I'd use something like google flights to research other options to get from LHR-LAX and that could include having a connection is say JFK - though I fully understand if you feel that your needs would rule that it's always good to explore options. So if the strike is confirmed you have a list of ready options to either select from those offered on the BA app / website or when speaking to an agent.

BA may also offer rebooking onto flights for the 26th and 28th for example as well so that gives you more options to conside.

Then you woud need to contact the special assistance team of the new airline to book whatever assistance you need - whether that be sitting together or needing a buggy / wheelchair at the airport.

There are some very good threads on the BA board about dealign with the strike re rebooking. I'd have a quick read of the wiki of this one for example which will no doubt be updated with the latest information shoul the 27th be confirmed. .

Help Desk: practical assistance for those affected by strikes on 9, 10, 27 Sep
Hiya, thanks for this. Sadly I'm REALLY limited on the flights I can take. This was a squeezed in trip to begin so don't have any work leave left to go the day before, and I have a connection on a completely different carrier that leaves LAX at 6pm EST so can't go the day after, hence my focus on this particular flight.
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