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Originally Posted by DeathSlam View Post
I had understood this to be the case for many years, Both duty free and paid.
All the traveller responses on this thread would seem to indicate otherwise and that duty paid is ok.
There may be a difference between what is acceptable in practice and what is in the rules.
This was discussed extensively when BOB was brought in: Bring on Board... The exact rules on alcohol? BA allows it?

The basic legality is it is not illegal. It is up to the airlines to say if its allowed. "Low cost"* airlines tend to ban them, often because their customers are more likely to be downing a bottle of duty free at 6am, and then having a fight.

When BA changed the rules so there was a reason to "Bring on board", this was deemed to be ok.

There is often a lot of referral to it being illegal, indeed, on "low cost" airlines, who probably use that phrase because it is a bit moot as to whether its illegal in the country, versus illegal on their airline because they can say what is legal onboard.

It might actually be illegal over continental US, and US airlines.

* "Low cost" is quoted by me, because I regard this as a marketing term rather than any particularly low costs, unless you are fine flying at 5am on a Wednesday morning. For instance a jet2 flight with luggage and booked seat next July from Birmingham to Budapest currently sells as 50 more than Club Europe London to Budapest on the same days.
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