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Thanks all, but I'm not doing cloud backups or external hard drives for daily work. And I'm not getting a Mac. Just not my thing. But I do appreciate the reassurance on not having redundency in the laptop. Point taken.

And I want this computer to be a portable brick. I have a Lenovo T450s for work and it's too lightweight (It's fallen apart in less than 2 years of on the road useage....I am very hard on my laptops). So basically, I don't need to worry about daily portability, since that's what my work computer is for. On those rare occasions (like a holiday week) that I need to bring a work and personal laptop, I'll suffer thru it.

So I would be concerned about a T480 for my personal computer, I'll beat it to shreds and not be able to upgrade it in 2 years like I do my work computers.

If I could have the build quality of my T430 (which I adore), with the right RAM speed and 2T storage I would do that. But I don't think the T430 can hold that big of a hard drive. Hence the P53...I think they are in the same league, build wise with both around 5 1/2 lbs without the battery. Heft, build quality, and internal drive capacity are MUCH more important to me than portability. But I need it be portable enough that I can take it with me, hence avoiding desktops.

Now, I just realized that the P52 has an external battery (and the P53 does not). I MUCH prefer an external battery for long trips. Hmm.

The problem is I have to pay thru the nose for it. I don't think I can buy a Lenovo thru work anymore, our US firm switched to Dells (which I hate)...but it's a good reminder to check.

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