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Originally Posted by navi_jen View Post
So, I'm in IT and it's finally time to upgrade my personal laptop. I want a Lenovo and have used T430s for years (love the heft and the keyboard) but I need faster processing and more storage (I've only scanned 1/2 my music collection and I'm already pushing 1 TB).

I have my eye on a ThinkPad P53, with the following specs:
32 gig RAM
RAID 5 (basicially 3 hard drives with 1 redundant drive....after my last HD failure, I do NOT want to go thru that again)
2 TB harddrive (2 1TB HDs)

But man, it is eyewatering expensive...around $5k.

So, FTers...am I:

1. Not used to new laptop prices?
2. Am I overbuying?
3. Need to wait for a Christmas sale, dummy!

Though I really want to start using a new laptop, required for personal stuff on the horizon. Cannot use work laptop.

Laptops are cheap.

High-capacity, laptop harddrives priced as OEM add-ons are expensive. Not only that, think of the risk of data loss when you lose or damage the laptop itself.

It is also absolutely not difficult to replace internal hard drives, especially on Thinkpad where most components are swappable (rather than soldered).
Through USB-C, Thunderbolt, and even plain old USB-3 (A) interface, combined with SSD drives, you can get really good performance from external drives that are light, portable, AND are bus-powered --- no extra power connections.
The M.2 format is basically the size of a traditional "USB stick" for everyday carry.

As example, a 2TB Samsung T5 drive goes for $300. That can be used as large media storage.
1TB NVMe M.2 drive i about $100 + price for enclosure. This can be used for documents, data, etc.

1. do you truly need 32GB ram? get 16gb now, and upgrade memory when it comes time
2. get enough in-device storage for day to day. then use external storage for the rest. you can also upgrade that as the price drops (which is rapidly).
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