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I'd never go back to having a mechanical drive (assuming that's you've specified here). They are just too slow for modern laptops.

If it were me, I'd go for a 1TB SSD, and buy a separate portable 1TB drive for the music. They are very light these days, and I guess you don't need all your music all of the time.

Regarding cloud storage - you've already had one incident where you lost your drive, so surely a cloud backup of some sort is necessary?

Whatever you do, don't rely on Raid-5 saving your ...... I've had 2 Raid-5 systems, and on both I've lost everything (not an issue - as everything was backed up). On the first, the array just wouldn't come up after replacing a drive - so I had to rebuild from scratch. On the second, another drive failed as it was repairing the array after replacing a failed drive.
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