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This “most accidents are not survivable” is a total myth-NTSB figures, 95% survival rate, with survival from “serious incidents” 55%

source: https://flightsafety.org/fsd/fsd_oct01.pdf

you could say it’s highly unlikely to have an accident in the first place but saying it’s highly unlikely to survive once an accident happens is complete bollocks

Not to be flippant, your response is incredibly insulting as it appears you are putting words in my mouth (specifically please identify where I said "most accidents are not survivable" - since you put it in quotes you are clearly identifying me as the speaker - if you can't find where I said that, your credibility is really in question in my mind) and it seems you really did not read what I wrote in terms of qualification of what types of accidents I am speaking about...most aircraft accidents are minor. But there is no way you are surviving an aircraft breakup at altitude or a double engine failure in the critical zone on take-off. But maybe you chose to ignore what I wrote to make your point?

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