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Originally Posted by pauq View Post
I believe both the FAA and the EASA have regulations regarding these issues:

You are not supposed to use any headphones, noise cancelling specially, during takeoff and landing so you can hear any announcements in case there is an emergency.

As for electronic devices in general, you should stow them for takeoff and landing so they don't (1) become a projectile and injure yourself or other people in case of a crash landing, rejected takeoff etc., or (2) get in the way in case of a evacuation. The bigger the device the the bigger the risk so phones are usually left alone while laptops are usually forbidden. Tablets are the middle ground which might not catch the attention of the FA most of the time.

IMHO, there is no good reason to use a tablet, or a phone for that matter, during takeoff or landing and it should be better enforced. Risking turning your device into a projectile is not worth 5 extra minutes of screen time.
Do you read during take-off and landing? Books can pretty quickly become "projectiles" too.
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