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Originally Posted by fmastr View Post
that's a monster of a machine - I spend less but trade my laptop out for a new one every other year - so I probably spend an equivalent amount over four years. If this will really last you that long I'd say that you aren't overbuying. You could consider less drive space and put your music in the cloud where you could just stream it - that's what I do, so I get by with 1TB.
Thanks FMA...I'm the opposite, I HATE changing machines, I had my last one for probably 5 to 7 years. Only reason I moved to a newish machine (replaced with a rebuilt T430) is because I dropped it one too many times and killed the disc drive.

I thought about less drive space, but it's my understanding from other forums that it's hard to install aftermarket drives....and I already know 1TB isn't enough. And I hate cloud storage, I much prefer to keep my 'stuff' close to home.

So, it sounds like $2k for a new midlevel laptop is not out of the realm. Wow.

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