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I don't know if this has been floating around for a while but while poking through the statements tab on my USB AR web site, I noticed a 'special offer' drop down.

Inside of that was a pdf from Andrew Harper travel, where they stated packages booked through them would get 3x pts until March 2020.

So there is a little bit of an uplift for travel agency bookings, IF you go through their authorized full service agent.

I don't know any of the mechanics, whether AH books as broker/packager/consolidator etc., but I do not recall seeing this before.

If this really matters to someone - as in its a make or break issue - I would suggest speaking with your AH rep and ask them to clarify the exact mechanics of a booking.

At Costco Travel, it depends on the exact deal whether it will code up as Travel Agent, or Hotel, or whatnot.

If Andrew Harper can book non traditional travel items (walking tours, cooking classes, etc.) that might be a slight value add for the USB AR enthusiast.

NB USB AR does NOT normally get the travel bonus on travel agency bookings (except for airlines when coded to come through directly)
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