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This seems like an issue of staff training. It looks like the lounge agent assumed you had access based on your class of service and lounge invitation, not your status. The fact fact that you had a pass to visit the other lounge is irrelevant. Unfortunately not all staff understand access policies and it's often hard to change a decision once it has been made.
Actually not the case. My boarding pass clearly showed my CX Diamond/OWE status which she acknowledged and I showed her the BA webpage which clearly states that the lounge can be accessed by OWE and Sapphire members travelling on a OW operated flight.

Her insistence on my needing to have a lounge pass to enter was based on what CX had told her and she said if they let me in CX would need to pay twice as I had entered the PP lounge. I actually had her call CX and asked to speak to the person there. I didnít speak to the CX representative but the receptionist and CX rep went back and forth and eventually I was let in as an exception. My rationale being I was entitled to access as per the OWE rules and the original lounge pass didnít even have the BA lounge as an option (it only showed my choices as being the PP lounge or Satellite Lounge).

Just to reiterate, I have been denied access into the BA Singapore Lounge because of overcrowding and BA reserving space for their own passengers and elite members. However, I have never been denied access into an OWE lounge on the basis of CX telling that lounge not to accept elite members. I am just trying to understand if others have experienced this or itís just a Rome issue?
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