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New Personal Computer...how much is too much

So, I'm in IT and it's finally time to upgrade my personal laptop. I want a Lenovo and have used T430s for years (love the heft and the keyboard) but I need faster processing and more storage (I've only scanned 1/2 my music collection and I'm already pushing 1 TB).

I have my eye on a ThinkPad P53, with the following specs:
32 gig RAM
RAID 5 (basicially 3 hard drives with 1 redundant drive....after my last HD failure, I do NOT want to go thru that again)
2 TB harddrive (2 1TB HDs)

But man, it is eyewatering expensive...around $5k.

So, FTers...am I:

1. Not used to new laptop prices?
2. Am I overbuying?
3. Need to wait for a Christmas sale, dummy!

Though I really want to start using a new laptop, required for personal stuff on the horizon. Cannot use work laptop.

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