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Originally Posted by quakered View Post
Surely the 787 and the A380 have the same cabin pressure at around 6,000 feet. As for a 787 being quieter than an A380 (in First), surely not! A380 every time for us.
I might be wrong but I thought the A380 was pressurised at something closer to 7,000ft whereas the 787 is around 6,000. I also believe that the A380 still uses a bleed air system, whereas the 787 has electric compressors (without going through the enginesí route). Someone also told me the humidity is better on 787s and A350s.

Besides all the above of which I am not really an expert, I do personally find the environment on 787s better. I still canít get over the single toilet choice made by BA though and surely the cabin in the A380 feels more spacious.
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