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Originally Posted by jags86 View Post
I used Apple Pay with Doxo to make my mortgage payment to Wells Fargo this month and can report it went without a hitch. It is 3.5% fee to use Doxo so I will net 1%. Not sure if this will lead to a shut down but right now wife and I each have a AR so if 1 gets cancelled not really the end of the world. Just need to make sure I redeem points as soon as possible to cover the 3.5% fee.
I have used Doxo a few times, mainly for meeting spending requirement. I have iPhone 6S and Apple Pay never showed up as a payment option in the Doxo app. I had forgotten about this, but just decided to take another look today, and still the same: No Apple Pay in Doxo!
I am wondering why?
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