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Kinda sounds like a credit card authorization at a hotel. A hold is put on for the required amount but not actually charged unless needed. If not needed, the hold's released and you get your money back.

Makes sense. AA "authorizes" the stickers so they know the upgrade will be covered if given. However, it appears as there's no "pending" status for the authorization to actually track it.

Good to know so folks can be aware of how many stickers they have ahead of time. I don't know if I would have noticed this as I typically travel by myself and would only know if i had the stickers to cover the request at booking. I wouldn't check again until after the trip to make sure everything was deducted correctly.

One issue I can see is if you request more upgrades than you have stickers on a trip. Will you run into trouble if the first leg doesn't clear but the second one does? Or will AA ask you to cover the missing stickers before upgrading?
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