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I had a weird experience the other day which seems to indicate that they pull stickers when checking in, even if the upgrade hasn't occurred. I was traveling with my non-status wife on a domestic itinerary. After checking in and seeing that the upgrades might clear, I noticed that I only had 2 stickers left and the trip needed 3, so I purchased one more since I know they take time to process and become available. Turns out her upgrade didn't clear and this morning I now see 6 stickers in my account which leads me to believe they removed the stickers for her upgrade when checking in and then when the upgrade didn't occur, they redeposited them. Activity log on aa.com doesn't show the removal/redeposit, but I'm nearly 100% certain it occurred otherwise I wouldn't have purchased a sticker.
The stickers are placed “on hold” once you check-in. It helps to minimize the likelihood that GAs will need to wait for someone to make the purchase if they clear at the gate, which ultimately could delay a flight. While “on hold,” they do appear to be removed from your accumulated balance that is reflected in your account. They aren’t truly deducted until the flight departs.
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