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Originally Posted by EmailKid View Post
I tried HOU-GLS and DAL-GLS, which either goes through or changes in SAT IIRC.
I assume you mean SAS, the Amtrak station in San Antonio? If so, why would HOU-GLS, if that means Houston to Galveston, go through or change in San Antonio?

When I was in the Amtrak station in Tampa, a customer wanted to take the Amtrak bus to Orlando, The agent explained that Amtrak cannot sell a ticket for bus only, but the customer could buy a ticket from Tampa to Winter Park, which would be bus to Orlando and train to Winter Park and the customer could simply fail to board the train to Winter Park. The customer did this and got the bus ride to Orlando.

To apply this to what I understand to be your situation, you would need to buy a ticket from some city served by an Amtrak train to Galveston. Unfortunately, if you no-show for the train journey, Amtrak will cancel the rest of your trip. It is possible that the bus driver's manifest would not get updated before you boarded the bus, but I wouldn't bet on it. And taking a train to a nearby city in order to take a train from a nearby city seems like a waste of time, especially on the route of the Sunset Limited.

Did that help?
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