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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
That can happen, and those with assistance dogs also can only sit in particular parts of the aircraft and can lead to seat shifting. My two incidents in recent years of this (leaving aside the likely cause......) was once for a very, very nervous flyer, and also to make room for a lovely Golden Retriever.

However I think this probably isn't the case here since the seat would be allocated, not blocked, normally; this is more likely a defective seat given the circumstances described by the OP. For 90% plus (made up statistic alert) of defective seats, they are usually fixed on return to London, so long as the turnaround was long enough for it. So ideally one doesn't print the boarding pass, since the Flight Management Unit will reinstate the seat closer to departure. Occasionally FMU aren't told a seat is fixed, plus there are the mysterious problems which vanish after a few hours of non use (aka power down, power up). But that is what I think the cause is here.
Perhaps that gold passenger got the best seat as a reward for being a good boy.
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