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I recently recently a 3-day reservation at a non-aisle location. Pick up at 3pm on Monday, drop off at 3pm Thursday. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at time of pickup.

At drop-off, the grand total was $70 more than expected.

I studied the receipt closely and saw that my pickup time was shown as 5:58am on Monday. My 3-day reservation was billed as 4 days.

The counter agent had pre-printed the day’s rental agreements to speed up the pick-up process.

A quick call to the general customer service line got things straightened out. The phone agent was very nonchalant about it, but offered an apology.
I rent a LOT from our local private airport Enterprise location - reservations go through my National account - and it's quite common for this office to "get the rental started" the night before I am scheduled to pickup the car. But in all cases, even though the rental contract may start the night before, the "rental start period" is always what is noted on my reservation or when I actually pickup. I rent here very often and have built a great relationship, so it's never been a problem for me. I rent one way to and from this location 2-3 times a month - so I take whatever they don't want anymore to dropoff at JFK/LGA/HPN/BDL and then come back with something nice for them. I ask what they want me to return with when I pickup and try to bring back what they are looking for. I try to find low mileage, newer cars. Sometimes they need a large vehicle - last month I brought a brand new Luxury Ford Expedition from JFK for them that had a $170 upgrade fee, which they refunded for me

Like you noted, a quick call to the cust service line, or even checking with the agent when you pickup, can resolve this
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