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Originally Posted by windwalker View Post
Looking to change up current cards as they are not likely the best options for points/miles
Back in a position where starting to travel a far amount again for work but likely not enough for status
Have some major home repairs planned during the next few month which should help with Min Spend(HVAC/Windows around 20k)
looking to add to current points/miles mainly,
Personal travel needed to Japan for next couple years-prefer at least Biz class

Currently have-
Amex Executive Gold- business card I've had for years for my personal business ($260 AF) (small balance on it)
Chase United Presidential Plus- UA(preferred airline) Club access (and finally one again here at RDU), premier access, checked bags ($450 AF)
Chase United MileagePlus Visa-Nothing ($65 AF) (small balance on it)
Barclay's Aviator Mastercard-Checked bag and earlier boarding ($89 AF)

My thinking
1). Bump the Amex to plat for 60K MR points (after 5k in 90 days). Thought about opening a Schwab account for maybe 100k MR points but that seems
pretty narrowly targeted. Anyone know of an offer for more than 60K?
1a). Not sure if I want to do just straight up Amex or maybe co-branded DL card. Have an offer for 75k miles, with 2k spend in first 90 days.
My skymiles account is darn near empty, so not sure what good 75k sky pesos will do me. I will likely be flying DL some as territory is southeast.
1b). Will likely downgrade either at 1st year mark
2). Reduce credit line on Barclay's card and have for if/when I might be on AA (or maybe just close it)
3). Keep Chase Presidential Plus (or convert to Club Card?)
4). Convert Mileageplus Visa to Sapphire Plus for 60k points, after 4k in 90 days

Q-am I better to pay off balances first? before opening/changing accounts?

Feed back welcome
If you have the capacity to pay off balances on credit cards, this should be first thing to do. No reason to pay the cards' interest if it can be avoided.
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