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I'd advise caution here.

I recently had a very tight (45 minute) connection in CDG on an AF J ticket. Bought while feeling brave, as it was the cheapest connection on the day I needed to travel, but then started to get a bit worried about how likely it would be to realise that connection, I later checked again how much it might be to change to an earlier flight into CDG. The AF website wanted €260, but the KLM website was happy to charge just the €70 change fee and no fare difference.

Great! I thought - €70 is acceptable for the peace of mind.

But the KLM website fell over every time, jumping back up to the €260 price also showed by the AF website.

I tried several times from several browsers over several days - always the same outcome. KL's €70 either fell into a black hole or came back looking for €260.

I gave up.

Several weeks later, a few weeks before travel, I got a new e-Ticket out of the blue. With my flight changed as I had desired.

How is this possible, I thought? But - I wasn't going to complain. Result!

But then, a few days later, a charge of €260.01 hit my account.

Cue LOTS of hassle trying to get the charge reversed. The first call via the AF Dutch number eventually routed me through to somewhere (the Phillippines?) where after a total of 30 minutes between explaining, holding, etc, the call dropped.

Eventually on the second or third such call, I got an assurance that the charge would be reversed, and a new e-Ticket, with the original flights and a "refund file reference" hit my inbox.

A month goes by, and no refund.

Given that the phone isn't such a great tool for getting money, I raise a regular web complaint, citing the refund reference.

A few weeks later, as I am in the middle of a medical, "KLM Voice Call" rings. They leave no message but send an email - they want my bank account details. Why not refund onto the card used?

I reply using the web interface, giving the details.

Two more weeks go by; I get an update from the system, saying that they are still waiting for my bank details. (This despite having added them to the ticket).

Ring the AF Dutch number again. Again, passed through myriad calls, before ending up in the Philippines (?) again. Spell out my IBAN in agonising detail.

Another week goes by. I get an email from "Air France Cargo" telling me that the refund - less the €0,01 ) has been refunded.

Still takes another week to get the money.

(To complete the story: my 45-minute connection became 14 minutes. And I made it!)
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