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Originally Posted by RealHJ View Post does say:

which implies that A/Z and C are airside only, and B/C and D/E are landside only, which would imply that from D/E one can only go to B/C and not A/Z.
T1A/Z Schengen platform => connects to its own very special small-scale security checkpoint for A, the one the smart traveler uses. After clearing security, you end up in A close to the entrance of the tunnel to B. If you need to go to Z, either be lucky that the elevators there are operating, if not, walk to passport control near the business lounge and take the escalator to Z. Only Schengen platform with no public exit. No BP printers here either. If you arrive here without a BP, your only option is to take the train back.
T1A/Z non-Schengen platform => IIRC VERY long walk because it somehow connects to the large central security checkpoint for Z which is way back. It's a long time ago I did that one though but I remember a long walk.
T1B/C Schengen platform => publicly accessible from the escalators towards the eastern end of T1B
T1B/C non-Schengen platform => drops you off to a long bland corridor that ends in a non-central security checkpoint where pax from other origins also end up somehow, not sure where they come from. After that, you end up in B non-Schengen. EDIT: According to LocusLabs, non-Schengen "walkers" from T1C and possibly even T2D/E also end up at this security checkpoint. Which makes sense as there is a corridor towards T1C from this platform, which was the only SkyLine connection to T1C before it got its own station.
T1C Schengen platform => N/A, doors of Schengen carriage won't open at T1C
T1C non-Schengen platform => constructed later than the others, drops you off to a weird stairs/elevator combo that you need to descend. The single elevator takes forever to come. On the bright side, you end up pretty close to the central security for T1C that everybody uses. Much closer to C than the T1B/C station.
T2D/E Schengen platform => publicly accessible similar to the T1B/C Schengen platform
T2D/E non-Schengen platform => drops you to a pretty cool glass bridge that lets you walk over the check-in hall, after that, you can go down in the non-Schengen parts of either D or E. Security is done at the gates here.

I have to admit it is VERY confusing for the novice, especially with the very scant information that FRAPORT publishes. I only learned how it works by actually riding the SkyLine.

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